Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Mobile Website For Tottiko

Life is about progress and not being complacent with what you have done. This is something Tottiko firmly believes in as a life and business philosophy.

Earlier tonight we decided it was time to build a new mobile website for ourselves. Our mobile website was something that we were very proud of; it scored 100% through the W3C, so we go to load up a powder.xml file, scored 6 out of 6 with Google's "How To Go Mo," and the site loaded in 0.58 seconds according to Google servers. For many websites, especially mobile websites, that is something that can be left alone, can be untouched, and not need to be improved upon. The new Tottiko mobile website reached many of those same benchmarks, but has gone above expectations.

Tottiko's new mobile website was just suppose to be a fresh, new redesign, that appeared to be more professional. The same standards were set; 100% W3C, 6 out of 6 with Google, and loads under 5 seconds. However the new design was found to be more than just a design upgrade. The new Tottiko mobile website integrates better with all smartphones, and loads in more than half the time time of the old mobile website.

We are proud to announce that the new mobile website for Tottiko loads in 0.22 seconds (according to Google servers). Our original plan was just to announce our new mobile website through Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, but that loading time and the fact that it integrates better with more smartphones is great news for us and we thought we should share it! Thanks for geeking out with us, and keep moving forward!

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