Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Local SEO

Local search is on the rise, especially since more people are using their smartphones to look for local businesses. Is your business's website showing up in local results? If not, here are some tips to ensure that Google lists your website in their local results.

1. Your Address
It's surprising on how many business that don't have their business's address on their website. Most businesses do have their address posted, but it's usually only on their contact page. Your business's addreess should be on every webpage of your website. A simple place to put it is right in the footer of your website.

2. Page Titles
I don't know how many websites have the standard "Home Page" as a page title. "Home Page" tells me your customers, and search engines nothing, not even your business name! Ensure your page titles are descriptive, unique, have keywords and are different for each webpage of your website. A good method is usually list your service, then your business name, and if you can put in your location; just keep your title to 65 characters or less.

3. Mobile Website
Most local search is being done on a user's smartphone now. Take a minute and view your business's website on your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows phone. Is it easy to use, or are users going to "bounce" to another website? If you don't have a mobile website, your competition probably does.

4. Use Google
Is your business listed in Google Places, which is now integrated with Google Local which is on Google Plus? Do you have Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools installed on your website? If you answered no to any of these, I highly suggest you get them, after all they are free.

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